Rendezvény költséghatékony árakon

Low-cost Events

“Két Korona, the hotel of the successful events”

Our hotel makes you sure of a peaceful and comfortable milieu to variable occasions, meetings and programs.

We can allude to the successes of the recent years and we can provide you our services inexpensive.

If it is about conference, training, teambuilding or meeting, our staffs are at service to the organisation of your “dream event”.

And if it is not enough for you, please recognise 9 + 1 arguments next to us:

  • In the recent years the hotel has been awarded three times (2004. 2006 and 2007) the prize “Golden Key Training Venue” endowed by the DEVELOR Zrt. Co., and by this prize the high standard conference services of our hotel have been acknowledged.
  • We have 6 conference rooms with more than 500 m2 total floor space.
  • All conference rooms are with natural light due to the large windows.
  • Modern technical equipment
  • Our hotel is easy to approach. We are accessible via the M7 motorway within an hour.
  • Silence, peaceful location, despite all is situated nearby.
  • Attention. Our motto is: "Invite a guest" means guarantee that he will feel well.
  • Spa for your relaxation
  • Numerous programs are available in the nearby of the hotel.
  • The last argument: We can offer you all affordable.

Choose the Hotel Két Korona as the place of your event!

Ask us to create your individual offer!